We prepared a web site for Kafkasso who is a great flamenco artist in Florida, USA.

Dr. Buhrman uses his years of experience and the latest in chiropractic technology to help you to come up with a specific plan for chiropractic wellness.

We have created a striking shoe brand for Sebata Shoes in the U.S by preparing their e-commerce website, logo design, photo shoots and presentation files which enabled them to establish strong corporate and retail activities.

We have created a new website for Wanda Fitzpatrick, who provides financial consultancy services from the United States, Florida.

Since 2007 we have been providing digital solutions for Bekart, a diamond brand since 1995, located in Kapalicarsi. In 2022, we updated the website we first created in 2007.

Trans Austria initially offered transportation services on the Austrian route and all over the world. We developed their website in 2022.

You can explore the products of Miele Women, which produces and exports women’s denim jean pants to many countries around the world, on their new website.

We have launched a new website for Yurt Canned Foods, which took its first steps into the industry under the brand name Vatan Canned Foods in 1952.

Umit Bicycle is used in 25 countries of Europe. We have been running the
websites and social media management of Umit Bicycle.

The website we developed for Mega Yacht Transport, which transports multiple yachts by sea from one end of the world to the other simultaneously, is now operational.

They provide international trade and transit trade services to many parts of the world. We have been providing services in logo design, website development, email services, corporate materials, company presentation videos and other digital aspects since 2021.

We have developed a website for the Virtual Reality (VR) gaming entertainment center with VR glasses in 2022.

We have designed and developed a website for Ana Sailing, which offers sailing training for children within Istanbul Sailing Club and in Datça. We also prepared the company presentation file. Our services have been ongoing since 2022.

We have launched a B2B online dealership system for Yucel Cable, known for its 40 years of lighting product experience. Additionally, a new website showcasing more than 400 products and features is now live.

We have developed a comprehensive website for Kendal Electric, which has been producing and importing electrical materials since 1998. The website provides real-time product display based on the online dealership system.

Since 1983, they have been producing antibiotic test discs. Bioanalyse, which is well known in the world, supplies its products to more than 65 countries.
Founded in 1985, Dal Holding Investment is known for its mega-engineering projects around the world. 6 websites of Dal Holding Investment were created by us.

In 2022, we updated the website we created in 2012. Hisar Electric produces electronic components for automotive and home appliance manufacturers with our ongoing support.

The e-commerce website we developed for Avcı Kitchenware, with whom we have been providing digital agency services since 2011, has been completed. Moreover, our social media planning and management services for them are ongoing.

You can safely place orders on the shopping website we recently launched for Omorfi Silver showcasing their unique 925 sterling silver jewelry designs.

The first website we created for Gümüşlale, one of the best silverware shops in Kapalicarsi Bedesten, was in 2007. In 2019, the website was successfully updated and redesigned with a new layout and technology. Our digital services are ongoing.

They produce and sell high technology and capacity thermoforming
machines to many countries of the world.

In 2022, we created a website for Siyana, who conducts music activities in Florida, USA.

We prepared a website for Ayfer Gungor ,a beauty salon in Scotland.

We have designed and developed a website showcasing the works of Aziz Basan, known for his international projects. Our digital services have been ongoing since 2021.

Our health tourism-related website, social media, and internet advertising services continue for the dental clinic located in Nisantasi, Istanbul.

A tourism website we completed in 2022. Tours listed on the site can be purchased using credit cards. Our digital services are ongoing.

We started by creating Basaran Tourism’s corporate website in 2018, a TURSAB member based in Konya. We have designed and developed 4 websites and continue to provide services including English/Turkish social media management. The company logo has also been designed by us.